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Taking Back My Kitchen…{part one}

Taking Back My Kitchen…{part one}

Inspired by Michelle’s post and Money Saving Mom..I decided to clean up my kitchen!  It really wasn’t terrible…but we cook three meals, too many snacks, and home school in our kitchen every day, so I thought any space we could clean up and clear up would be great!

I started with the pantry…since I am a couponer I {thankfully} have a full pantry, but I have to work to keep it organized so I can utilize all that I have acquired!  I cleared up some space by getting rid of some pans on the floor I wasn’t using…fancy cheesecake pans and jello molds.  I also found some food items we weren’t using…baby food, extra pasta… and put them in a box to donate to our local Ronald McDonald House.



Do you see my chocolate chips…they are my favorite pantry item!


My hubby found some big food storage containers last year and we use them to buy flour, sugar, rice, beans, etc. in bulk!  And the lids seal tight and keep the kids out:)

I found a shoe organizer at a thrift store last year and put it on the back of the pantry door to hold measuring cups/spoons and other small kitchen doo-dads.

I also try to keep only one section of the panty with open items…if it’s full, we don’t open something else until there is room.  It seems to reduce waste!

I also cleaned up my spice cabinet.  I buy in bulk, so I have found the easiest way to keep it fresh and organized is with plastic containers.

What are your ideas for keeping it all organized??

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