A Lighter Journey is written by Courtney & Michelle.  Our paths first crossed in 2007: we were both new moms starting new part-time jobs as servers in an Italian restaurant.  Amidst the pasta, finicky customers, 4 pregnancies (2 for each of us), crazy playdates, and busy schedules we found much needed encouragement from each other.  Our common priorities of God and family and frugal living brought us together. (Swapping a few good recipes and hand-me-downs didn’t hurt either!)

Courtney is married to Charlie and together they have 3 beautiful children (ages: 5yr, 4yr, and 13mo). They live in Idaho and cheer on their alma mater the Boise State University Broncos.

Michelle is Jesse’s girl (and a shameless fan of 80′s music) and lives in rural Minnesota.  Their 4 little ones range in ages from 7yrs-21months.  Today we are both stay at home moms (full-time!) doing our best to serve the people dearest to us: our Lord, our husbands and our children.

Despite Michelle moving 1500miles away, we continue to find that our journeys as homemakers are very similar.  And what a difference a good friend can make to lighten our load as we travel down this road called life (even if there’s a few states between us)!






This is our hope for you: that here, on A Lighter Journey, you too may find encouragement, inspiration, and practical tips to help lighten your load and brighten your home!

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  1. I found your site by clicking a Pin{trest} and clicking through to the original site – yours! I’ve been looking around for about 30 minutes and I’ve found great stuff! I’ve had to Pin a few things myself. Thanks for sharing! Jen

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