Thursday’s RANDOM Thoughts

Thursday’s RANDOM Thoughts

What to write, what to write?  Well, it’s not that I don’t have any thoughts today per se,  it’s that I have too many thoughts!  And my thoughts jump around from one subject to another faster than my two-year-old can gobble down parade candy! 

Thoughts, thoughts….

Well,  for one I’m excited (and a slightly overwhelmed) to start a new school year.  I love looking through our homeschool curriculum and seeing all that we’re going to learn this year.  It will be a challenge since this year I have 2 kids in school grades, not just one.  Before I could just keep the other three busy and work with my oldest.  Now I have a 2nd grader AND a kindergartener to “teach.” And I suppose the preschooler and toddler will have to be occupied too.  But I love how just being all together at our own dining room table the younger children glean so much as I teach the older! Should be interesting!  

 I think the kids are ready for school too.  These last two weeks they’ve been asking for crayons and papers and scissors, doing more sit-down-inside things rather than spending sun up to sun down outside as they have for the last three months!  A little more structure and routine will be good for us all.

Other thoughts floating through my head…I’m looking forward to visits from family!  My dad and step-mom are driving up right now as I type! They live in Oklahoma and are making the 14hr trek to come spend a long weekend with us! And at the end of September my mom will fly in from Idaho to spend 10 days here!  Family is precious and we’re so glad to spend time with loved ones! YAY!

Speaking of family, we also have a wedding to go to this weekend and I’m beating my brains to come up with some amazing homemade gift.  I’m coming up with a big fat nothing!  Creative juices are NOT flowing! Bummer.  I may have to break down and buy something. 

I was just wondering where all those creative juices went.  I think they went into our newest project: we’re building a house!!! (I hope!) We have to submit the house designs and wait for construction loan approval, but we’re doing a lot ourselves, including the designing and we’ve worked with a bunch of different styles on paper and have finally narrowed it down to one!  My incredibly talented husband is the main brains of the operation, but he assigned me the task of laying out the floor plan and we FINALLY have one we both love.  (And do you know how difficult it is to design a house plan for two indecisive people!?!?!  VERY!) But we did it.  We may not get to start building this fall, but it’s still exciting changes ahead for us! Stay tuned!

So…if you could follow any of these random thoughts maybe there’s hope for this blog (and for me) yet!  😉  Happy Thursday!

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  1. regarding the wedding gift…. sometimes it is best just to go with it…. i am finding that if i sit down to throw a pot (clay on the wheel) and it ends up a flop…. i don’t fight it… sometimes the flops turn out pretty interesting and are worth moving on to the next step (triming)other times the flop is beyond salvaging so into the recycle bucket and take a break… i will either go back later and try again or wait until the next day. why fight it if i am out of the groove… that is ok… being perfect every day is too much and on top of that it leaves absolutely no room to learn. I am finding that playing with mud is very grounding (and very forgiving!) as i am getting ready for my first firing. i am also so very excited for the next step of glazing! all the possibilities! and those “flops” may just turn out to be the best piece in the kiln! love to all! :)mom

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