Homemade Mint Extract {Christmas in July!}

Homemade Mint Extract {Christmas in July!}

Last year I tried my hand at homemade vanilla extract, and gave bottles away as Christmas gifts…it was a hit!  So…this year, I thought we would try mint extract!

We have an abundance of mint growing in our garden area, and if you’ve ever grown mint, you know it is actually a noxious weed…it is EVERYWHERE!  So I have been finding all sorts of new ways to use it!

What you need…

  1. 3-4 cups of mint leaves

  1. A pint of vodka…the cheapest kind is fine!
  2. A glass jar


Chop your mint leaves into smallish pieces…you want to break up the leaves so they can release the flavor.

Add your leaves to your jar…I had to STUFF mine in!

Pour your vodka over the top and wait…it should be ready in two months!  When you are ready to use, strain the liquid from the leaves.  The extract will be tinted (green-brown) from the leaves.

{My mint is behind my vanilla jars…a litle hidden!}

I hope to aquire some cute little jars to put my mint extract in and give some away to friends I know love to bake for Christmas!


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  1. Now THAT is a neat gift idea! Every year Christmas rolls around and I wish I had thought of something cool ahead of time. Do you know how long the extract lasts before it expires, after you strain it off? (Sorry, I always have questions.) I love mint chocolates at Christmas.

    • My assumption is that it will last for quite a while in the pantry…since it is a pure extract, and made with alcohol. BUT…I really don’t have the answer. My vanilla that I started last summer still tastes amazing, it actually contines to gain flavor over time, since I left the beans in my jar….I am working on my second batch:)

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