Christmas In July

Christmas In July

It’s hot here in central Minnesota.  REALLY hot and humid! Winter is about the last thing on my mind right now.  And I know Christmas seems like a loooooong way off, but there’s good reason to start thinking about it now: HOMEMADE GIFTS!

On one side of our extended family we decided to exchange only homemade gifts at Christmas time last year.  It was nice for many reasons:

  1. We all have so much stuff,  and I found myself  looking at trinkets I might afford but would only add to someone else’s clutter.
  2. The focus was more on spending our time and talent on the gifts rather than money.
  3. It was fun to tap into my creative reserves and learn (or grow in) a new skill!
  4. Age and income didn’t matter as much, everyone can make something!!!
  5. They ended up being more useful or practical gifts.
  6. Since we made our gifts at home we didn’t have to run around as much in all the Christmas Retail Chaos and fight crowds and parking lots!
  7. The gifts seemed so special knowing the love and time that went into them!

Some of the things given and received:

Homemade Vanilla

Friendship Bracelets

Homemade Candy and Sweet Treats

Sewn kid bathrobes

Crocheted Hats and Scarves

Dress-up Superhero Capes and Crowns

Sewn Backpacks and purses

Premixed Meat Rubs and Spices

Pajama Pants

Wood carved toy rifles

Quilted Table Runners

Painted Christmas Ornaments

Rice-Filled Hot/Cold Packs

Homemade Jewelry

Sewn Pillowcases

The homemade bathrobes, superhero capes, and crocheted crowns were big hits with my kids!


There are so many options out there! If you start to think about it now, you could even learn a new skill like crocheting and give away simple dishcloths! The point is, start looking now and considering having a Homemade Christmas this year!  It might become an annual tradition! J

Some of our other favorite blogs are showcasing different  homemade gifts too. Check out Happy Housewife’s Christmas in July posts here.

On A Lighter Journey here’s a couple options for Homemade Gifts:

Lotion/Hand Cream

This recipe for lotion takes less than 5 minutes to make!!!


Homemade Vanilla needs a couple of months at least to make and the longer it sits the better the flavor!

Come back throughout the week to see more thoughtful gift ideas you can start working on now to prepare for the Christmas season!

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