{MORE} Frugal Summer Fun

{MORE} Frugal Summer Fun

We’ve been trying to come up with fun ideas to keep our kids happy, busy and outside this summer.  Time is going TOO fast, as it always does in the summer…

Here is our latest activity!  Pretend fishing!  Yep…my boys love fishing, but daddy’s not home much during the week and this (pregnant) mama is NOT taking these little people fishing alone…my boys found a way to make it happen anyway.

We took their little poles, took the hooks off, and attached a little washer to the string.

We have a little sunken area in our backyard  that the boys fill with a little water…this is their “pool” this year since setting up their real pool is too scary with a overly cuious one year old.

They use a slide from a little playset as their “dock”…and fish for hours.  As a warning, we usually end up with some serious tangles the lines, but we leave those for daddy to fix!

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