Why I {heart} Line Drying!

Why I {heart} Line Drying!

10 Reasons I Love to Hang Our Laundry Out to Dry

  1. It makes my whites whiter…the sun is a natural bleach for my clothes!
  2. I love the crisp air in the early morning, when I hang our first load out to dry…
  3. No ironing…wet clothes and a hot sun are like an iron and starch for clothes…perfect for all the little girl dresses I wash!
  4. It’s a must for cloth diapering!
  5. I love the compact clothes-line my hubby built me…
  6. The dryer isn’t heating my house up on already unbearably hot days!
  7. Our summer power bill (already inflated for AC) is a little lower
  8. The sun is also a natural sanitizer.
  9. I’m “going green,”(you’re welcome Al Gore)
  10. It makes me happy to see clothes on the line when I am at my kitchen sink…like I have gone back in time.

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  1. you forgot the most impportant thing…. your bedding and towels…. well all your clothes in fact smell so wonderful and fresh! i love line dried sheets on my bed! :)

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