Thursday Thoughts: I am blessed

Thursday Thoughts: I am blessed

Before you read much more of this post I should warn you:  it may get a little mushy-gushy today!  😉

See, it was 9 years ago today on a quiet beach looking out at the Pacific Ocean that Jesse asked me if I would do him the honor of being his wife. 

We met exactly six months earlier.   A lot can change in half a year! I went from meeting this strong gentle incredible (and really cute) guy in the entryway of our church to planning to spend the rest of our lives together! 

Sometimes when you know, you know.  Sometimes life changes in the blink of an eye.  Some of those changes are tragic: the death of a loved one, the sudden loss of a job, discovering a health issue.  Some changes are life-altering good: the birth of a beloved baby, meeting someone who becomes a life-long friend, the joining of two lives in a marriage ceremony, God opening a door you thought was hopelessly closed.

  “Not my will, but YOURS be done!” 

 His will is perfect.  His will is good.  You’ll never go wrong with that prayer!  It’s always worth it to leave our dreams and plans and goals in His hands.  I look back at what God has done over the course of my short life, these last nine years since Jesse and I decided to marry, and I know I can trust Him with our future too. 

I have so much I’m thankful for today.  And since this blog is {partly} mine and I can,  I will share just a fraction of those things that I love about my husband, Jesse! (Here’s the mushy-gushy part.  Read at your own discretion!)  😉

  1. His gentle strength
  2. His thoroughness and attention to details
  3. His laugh
  4. His fierce loyalty
  5. His protectiveness
  6. His strong arms
  7. The way he gets on the floor to play with the kids
  8. His willingness to serve
  9. The way he dances, just cuz he knows I love it!
  10. His hugs
  11. His blue eyes
  12. His humble heart
  13. He’s not afraid to get dirty
  14. His carpentry and mechanical skills and all-round handiness
  15. His smile
  16. His uncompromising integrity
  17. His courage in facing obstacles
  18. His sacrificing love

What can I say?!? I’m a blessed woman! 

As are you. (Or maybe you’re a blessed man. I guess I shouldn’t assume!  ;))  What blessings are you thankful for today?


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  1. There’s nothing like making it a point to find and remember things we’re thankful for to help us find more, thank more, smile more, and gripe less.
    Yeah, I know that phrase… not my will but thine be done…. I just wanna know what it is!!!!

    Or, like the sign one lady had on her wall… “I know God won’t give me anymore than I can handle. But sometimes I wish She wouldn’t trust me so much!!”

    yeah… be thankful… it’ll drive people nuts!

  2. AHHHH man!!! I love everything you wrote. You were made for each other, and I love the example of a Godly loving marriage you two show to others around you.

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