Monday Menu…{sort of}

Monday Menu…{sort of}

My little boys are spending a wonderful week on Grandpa and Grandma’s farm…aren’t they brave?!? (They still have six kids at home!)  Needless to say…with most of my kiddos gone, and a one year old who would rather eat Cheerios and bananas than anything I make, I am not cooking much this week!

I am going to try to do some freezer cooking…I am an “early nester” and baby is coming this fall, so I want my freezer full when she arrives!

My Freezer Cooking Goals

Freezer Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (new recipie…I’ll let you know how it goes!)

Bran Muffins

Lemon Poppy-seed Muffins

(3) Fiesta Chicken Pot Pie

(3) Lasagna

(3) Shredded Beef Enchiladas


Other things I want to do while my house is quiet(er)

Read Upgrade by Kevin Swanson

Re-read Loving the Little Years…I reccomend this to ALL moms with little ones!


Make (a million) copies to be ready for school in the fall

Create binders for the boys for school in the fall

Go to lots of thrift stores…because it’s my favorite, and my boys hate it!

Spend some one on one time with my beautiful little girl!!!

Celebrate EIGHT years of marriage to my amazing husband!


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