Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

I know it’s a little early, but we’re already thinking Father’s Day around here because I like to make gifts when I can, and we need a little time to do that.  So here’s some of my top ideas off of Pinterest and other websites that we might use.  Maybe you can find some inspiration too! (Some “pins” didn’t link to actual websites…I apologize! It’s one of my pet peeves on Pinterest! Still, a lot of fun ideas there!) (Titles in orange are links you can click on!)


Photo Soup Cans/Holders

DIY Father's Day Ideas

DAD Photo Collage (sorry no original website linked here…it was spam.)

Pinned Image

Handprint Printable for Father’s Day

Fathers Day Gift - DIY Child's Handprint Tree - Printable pdf

Tie Holder (again…sorry no original website to link to)

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A Father’s Day gift idea list with lots of printables!!!!

all crafts 28 Fathers Day Activities and Homemade Gift Ideas

And here’s an idea from Pinterest we used last year: (also makes a great Christmas gift for grandparents!)

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Here’s our version:

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