I recently asked my boys to pick out a reward day for finishing our first year of school…I was fully anticipating them wanting a day at an indoor playground (it was a bad weather week) or swimming or McDonalds…a few of their favorite things to do.  They surprised me by whispering together, giggling, and replying that what they REALLY wanted was a “jammy stay home day, where you make pancakes and play with us.”  Which meant they wanted to stay in their PJ’s and play at home all day.  We are kind of a get up, get ready, stay busy kinda family…so their sweet and simple request surprised me.  And it made me think. 

Our kids don’t really start out with high expectations of us as parents…they really only want our love and attention.  We try to lease them and expose them to different thins by taking them places and putting them in activities…but those things are secondary to what our kids really want.  They want us, our love, our attention. 

So we stayed home, in our comfies and played and made pancakes to celebrate finishing our school year, and all of their hard work.  It was a wonderful day…I set aside my other responsibilities, knowing they could wait for a day, or at least until bedtime, and really ENJOYED my kids!  They enjoyed so much showing me all of the things they could build with legos and how fast they could do  puzzle…and I loved it too. 

While everyday can’t be so simple, there are groceries to buy, appointments to kept and dinner to make.  I do have a different understanding of what my kids want from me…just me!  I can always give them that!

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  1. I used to think the mother who spent the most time running her kids around…won! Years of motherhood have taught me that LESS is MORE! We now purpose NOT to run around and focus more on living our life at home. It is a blessing.

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