How We Make Cloth Diapers Work…Part One

How We Make Cloth Diapers Work…Part One

When I was pregnant with our third baby…I decided to take the leap and explore the cloth diapering option.  I was hoping to save money, and make our budget work while I stayed home with my crew.  Our upfront cost for diapering was about $200.  Over the past 18 months, I have saved upwards of $1000!  In addition…since we are having another little girl(yay!) later this year, we will be able to use these diapers with her also!

I did some research, and chose to use a one size AIO (all in one) diaper.  This means that one size would fit from birth through potty training!  We use Bum Genius 3.0 ( I think they have since upgraded to 4.0) and are SO impressed!  We have been using them for 18 months, and they still look and work perfectly!

I was VERY skeptical about the effectiveness of these diapers, expecting leaks and “blowouts”…however, we have found that these diapers are of far superior quality when it comes to these things than disposables.  When we travel, we use disposables, and are constantly disappointed!

I have 18 diapers, and it seems to be a good number for us.  We (I) do diaper laundry every two to three days.

The diapers are simple…

Each diaper comes with a cover, and two inserts…one big and one little.  If you have a girl, the smaller insert will go toward the back of the diaper, and for a boy, the front of the diaper.


We stuff the inserts into the diaper…

And they are ready to go!

I wash them in a special detergent, recommended by the manufacturer.

The detergent has worked great, and we just finished our third bag…not bad for 18 months!  I bleach the diapers every month or so, and, when weather permits, hang them outside to dry and bleach in the sun!

Next week I will tell you how I organize my dipaers…and how we make our own baby wipes!!

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  1. as an “on-looker” I have been so impressed with these cloth diapers! I diapered two babies in cloth…the old fashioned ones with two pins and rubber pants! These new, re-fashioned cloth diapers are amazing to me. I would take more time to go out and buy diapers and lug them home! Kudos to you for making the leap! BTW…LOVE that clothes line! Clean clothes hanging out is a beautiful sight :)

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