School’s Out for the SUMMER…now what?

School’s Out for the SUMMER…now what?

We did it, we finished our first full year of homeschooling!  I am proud of us all for learning new things, and, for surviving!  Whether you home school or not…summer is here!  Did you know that most kids slide back in their educational skills over the summer…which for home schoolers, means we have to re-teach things we already painstakingly learned, and for public schooled kids, can mean lower scores on standardized tests administered early on in the fall.

We finished schooling a few weeks ago, and I gave my kiddos ( and myself) a well deserved break…but starting next week we will spend 15-20 minutes a few days a week doing worksheets, and 20-30 minutes on reading.   My kids and I actually thrive on schedule, so doing this can actually add a little bit of much-needed structure to our long summer days.

Fun ways to incorporate learning into your summer..

    • Summer Reading Programs at your local library…kids get prizes and incentive for reading, and most have programs for pre-readers too!
    • Workbooks…I have fond the easiest, cheapest place to get them is on Amazon.   These are some of my favorites.


    • Grocery Cart Math…ask your kids, based on abilities to complete a list of things at the store while you shop…compare prices, count the number of vegetables you see, etc.


  • Seek out educational stops on vacation…factory tours, zoos, museums




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