Tuesday Tutorial: Freezer Cooking- Bean and Rice Burrittos

Tuesday Tutorial: Freezer Cooking- Bean and Rice Burrittos

This is a simple {very simple} idea that can save you tons of money and time!  As summer approaches, I am looking for even more excuses than normal to not be in my kitchen with the stove on…so I have been working to fill up my freezer with all types of home-made convenience food!


Bean, Rice and Cheese Burritos

You’ll need…

Mexican Refried Beans

  • Mexican Rice
  • Cheese
  • Flour tortillas ( I used whole wheat)


It really couldn’t be simpler, just…. 

Make your beans and rice ahead of time…I started my beans in the morning, and cooked my rice later in the afternoon, about the hour before I wanted to finish up my little freezer cooking episode.

Add a little of each ingredient to your tortilla, but not too much, or they will be hard to roll.  Wrap tightly in alluminum foil.

Stick them into the freezer, and you have easy home-made meals, ready to go!

Microwave for one to two minutes, after you take the foil off, of course, unless you want a fireworks show in your kitchen.

I made 60 burritos in about 30 minutes…minus the cooking time for the beans and rice.  Overall, it was about an hour of actual work.  We also had bean and rice wraps (with all the fun toppings) for dinner that night!

These are perfect lunches to send with my husband to work, eat outside with the kids for lunch, or pop in the microwave for an easy dinner on days that don’t go as planned.


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