Monday Menus

Monday Menus

What’s for eats at our house this week…

My menu is never very exciting…we like the basics.  Because I tend to shop sales and use coupons to get our groceries for the lowest prices, I plan my menu by “shopping” from my pantry every Sunday, and seeing what we have, what needs used, etc


Bagels and cream cheese…(my newest pregnancy craving!)

Cereal x 2

Whole wheat pancakes

Oatmeal squares

Cream of wheat


Cheese roll ups and carrots X 2

PBJ and applesauce X 2

Leftovers X 2


Taco Bar and refried beans

Mexican Refried Beans

Hamburgers and Broccoli Salad(yay for grilling outside!)

Grilled chicken (more grilling!) and pasta salad

Homemade Mac and Cheese and Salad

Homemade Pizza and Salad

Steaks and Loaded Potatoes (mmmm…)

Chillidogs and leftover salads

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