Things I Don’t Buy…

Things I Don’t Buy…

I recently saw another blog post where people were listing things they have stopped buying, and no longer need or use!  I thought it was interesting…so here’s my list!

  1. Paper towel and paper napkins…we just use towels and rags.  I keep some that I have gotten on sale around for certain events.
  2. Disposable diapers and wipes.  We did use disposable with our first two, but made the leap with #3, and I LOVE it!!
  3. Ground beef.  I have never purchased ground beef…ever.  My husband is a hunter, and we (he) butchers and grinds all of our meat.
  4. Pre-made laundry soap and softener.  I do, obviously, buy the ingredients to make my own.
  5. Pre-made household cleaners.  Again, I do buy the (very cheap) ingredients to make my own.
  6. My dryer…except in the winter.  As soon as weather permits, and until it dosen’t…we hang our clothes out to dry.  It sounds eccentric, but I actually LOVE doing this…I know, I’m crazy!
  7. Canned fruits and veggies.  We can from our garden, and are blessed to be able to glean from those with beautiful fruit trees and bigger gardens.  We fill up hundreds of jars with beautiful fresh produce!   I do still buy fresh produce.

I would LOVE to hear what’s on your list!! 

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  1. Some of the same of yours. The garden produce is my favorite. I can also add “mixes” to the list. When I was busy in college we relied on Hamburger Helpers and brownie mixes, etc. Not any more! It’s nice to eat real food now. That includes homemade breads. Love it! (Maybe you do too and just didn’t have it on the list.)

  2. Great ideas! I don’t buy soup in a can anymore. If a recipe calls for a cream soup, I make a cream gravy or your yummy Cream of Mushroom soup! It a rare treat if we buy crackers or chips or boxed snacks. We’ve been TRYING to snack more on homemade bread, fruit, and nuts, and popcorn.

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