Thursday’s Thoughts

Thursday’s Thoughts

Today my thoughts are on the weekend ahead because I am one spoiled lady: tonight I have a Girls’ Game Night with some of my favorite people, and then tomorrow I go to a homeschool conference and stay over night in a nice downtown St. Paul hotel with some more favorite people!  All this time with sweet friends makes me feel blessed.  I know my kids will be in good hands, and I get a little time of encouragement and fun with some beautiful women! 

(Now if I could just get ALL my favorite people in one place I’d be set!)

But back to my festivities…it just reminds me how uplifting friendship with other women is!  Every woman {and man} is so uniquely created that even with kindred spirits and like-minded friends there’s much to learn from each other.   

But friends must have something in common too to bring them together: common experiences, common values, common passions, or common struggles.  Sometimes it’s just nice to know that we’re not alone.

Some friends are close for a season of life…some are there for a life time.  Some friendships take more effort…others you can go for years without contact and then pick right back up where you left off when you come together again.

When I look at the broad spectrum of friends that I have encountered in a lifetime, I’m amazed at the beauty that spectrum holds.  The similarities and things I have in common and the differences show the incredible creativity of our Closest Friend from whom every good and perfect gift originates.  And a good friend is certainly a treasured gift!

Thank you, Lord, for friends and for being our Unchanging, Nearest and Dearest Friend!

“Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”      James 1:17

Sisters and friends!

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  1. I hope you have a great girl’s weekend my friend. I am so thankful for our friendship and how it has shaped my life. I couldn’t have survived those emotional college years without you.

    • Well you definitely helped shape me too, Jess! We grew a lot those four years together…such fond memories. Glad to be back in the same state as you again! :)

  2. Amen. There’s just something special about them. I remember in grade school trying to learn spelling…. that “i before e except after c, and when they sound like a in neighbor and weigh”… I couldn’t always keep the rule(s) straight. (Who can, for English!?) But the one that sticks is “…A Friend to the End”.
    A great shot of your girls. I hope it’s that idyllic all the time!!!

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