Tuesday Tutorial: How to Make Applesauce!

Tuesday Tutorial: How to Make Applesauce!

Ever have a bunch of apples that are getting a little too soft to eat? {Maybe it’s just me, but I HATE biting into a mealy  mushy apple!}  Don’t through them out though!  Make your own applesauce!  In the fall we picked a bunch of apples from our neighbor’s trees {with their permission, of course!}  Even though they lasted quite a while in cold storage, they were getting to that point where we needed to use them up! 

So here’s what we did!

1.  Wash apples thoroughly.


2.  Cut up apples.  (You can leave the core and just quarter them, or use a handy-dandy corer-slicer.) If your apples were hand-picked cut out any wormy  or yucky parts.

3.  Pour a little water to a big stock pot (enough for to cover the bottom of the pan with an inch of water) and add the apple slices.  Cook apples on medium heat until very soft.  Keep an eye on it and stir often.  A little burnt applesauce will ruin the whole batch.  {And, yes, I know that by experience!}

4.  Run cooked apples through a foley mill to separate skins and any stray seeds.  Taste your applesauce and add sweetener and/or cinnamon if you like.  If it’s too thick just add a little water.  Store the applesauce in freezer bags or jars!  {We also use empty yogurt containers if we’re going to freeze the applesauce, but be sure you don’t over fill them…and yes, I know this by experience too!}  If you want to can your applesauce to store long-term follow these instructions for a hot water bath canning for about 25 minutes (depending on your altitude.)

**If you don’t have a foley mill another way to make applesauce is to peel and core your apples to remove all the skin and seeds before you cook them.  Cook the fruit down with a little water and you have chunky applesauce.  If you want really smooth sauce run the batch through a blender! 

The nice thing about applesauce is that you can do a batch of any size!  If you just have a few apples, you may have enough sauce for lunch!  If you have crates of apples like we did, you can make a lot to freeze or can and not worry about wasting all that good fruit! 

Cinnamon Applesauce!

 Use your homemade applesauce as an oil substitute in baking for lighter/healthier recipes too!

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