Thursday’s Thoughts: Perfection vs Excellence

Thursday’s Thoughts: Perfection vs Excellence

How good is good enough?  I often wonder.  As a mother and homekeeper it never feels like “enough.” 

It’s not like a paid job where there are evaluations and compensation for the work I do. No pay raises or bonuses.

It’s not like school where I knew exactly what grade I received for my work.  100% was perfect, less than 65% was failure.  As much as I would hate to have someone grading my mothering and housekeeping skills, sometimes I think, “At least I would know how I’m doing!” 

Those rare times when I feel like I’m really making progress in one area, I look around and feel like I’m failing somewhere else.  There’s always so much more to do! 

And I know it’s completely counter-productive to compare myself with other moms/homekeepers.  {And knowing that doesn’t always mean that I follow the wisdom!  I still fall into the trap of comparing sometimes.}   We’re all created with such a variety of skills and gifts.  How can there be any fair comparison?  There isn’t.

So how do I know that I’m doing a good enough job?  I don’t. 

I’m of the opinion that God is the only perfect being.  I do not even come close.  So what do I strive for? 

Today I look at what Paul says in the book of Titus.  He encourages older women to “train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.”  (Titus 2: 4-5)

I find a lot of encouragement in all the “be’s” I see in that passage.  It wasn’t a list of “do’s”.  “Be self-controlled”, “be busy,”  “be kind,” “be subject.” And the first thing listed:  love.  Paul says in 1 Corinthians 13:1 that love is the most excellent way to utilize our gifts.  And as wives and moms we’re called to love our husbands and children.  I can do that! 

No, I’m not a perfect housekeeper.  I wouldn’t even consider myself a good one.  But I do love my hubby and kids.  I am busy at home.  I am working hard at being more self-controlled and kind.  I have a very loving and kind husband I give respect to as the head of our family. 

So I won’t strive to be perfect.  I’ll strive for excellence and receive the grace I need for where I fall short!




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  1. Ahh… Perfection. What would that be like?
    First problem – Perfection according to whom? 150 people will give you 200 standards! In this case, it’s more about DECIDING it, and learning how to be OK, knowing you can change your mind whenever you want.
    There’s a very fine line between “Continuous Improvement” and “Never Good Enough”. I think women in general, and Moms in particular, seem to put themselves in the darker side of that line, until they get mad and declare defensively, “Let’s see if YOU can do it better!”
    Also – there’s the work and caring and love that you do, and then there’s YOU. It helps to at least be aware of the difference. While our endeavors can reflect something of our personality, that’s not the same as defining us.
    And, God does not postpone loving us until we’re “perfect”. There’s some solace in the notion of being “…created in the image and likeness of God.”
    If you can see the fantastic goodness in your children, your husband, your family, in the precious people around you, then consider: how could you recognize that in others if you weren’t familiar with them in yourself?
    You’re doing wonderfully.
    But then, part of you alredy knows that!!!

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