They are watching us!

They are watching us!

Have you ever watched your little one mimic your actions?  Our children are always watching us…taking note of our actions, our words, our attitudes.  This is how they learn.  How we act, how we talk, how we show emotion is how they will learn to do those very same things.

Sometimes it’s adorable.  Watching the baby “text” on my phone.  Watching my boys follow their dad around in the garage pretending to do what he does.

Sometimes, it’s not so cute.  When my kids repeat something I said that wasn’t kind…  You know those moments.

I have to constantly remind myself that everything I do or say…is a lesson to them.  Even when we aren’t schooling, I  am their teacher.  If I react in anger (and I am so guilty of this!) to situations and problems, they will learn to do the same.  If I am not patient with them and others, neither will they be.  If I speak unkindly to others, why shouldn’t they?  The list goes on…

When we had our first baby, I thought parenting was about clean clothes, breastfeeding, diapers…and don’t get me wrong, it is.  BUT, as my children are growing, I am realizing that parenting is SO much more than taking care of our children,  it is about teaching them to be good people.  To have strong character.  To contribute to others.

Parenting is one of those things that, I am learning, that never stops challanging us.  Challanging us to be be better people, so that our children can also.

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  1. Amen… all the time. There’s nothing like having children around, especially in public, to send parents to the extremes of emotion – the amazing thrills of a lifetime, and the most mortifying embarrassment imaginable. There’s a reason that comic strips like “Family Circus” and “Dennis the Menace” have been around so long!
    One man observed well – he and his wife couldn’t have children, so his observations weren’t shaped by the daily trials and errors of parenthood – “Children are GREAT imitators, but they’re not very good interpreters!”

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