Crockpot Enchiladas

Crockpot Enchiladas

I will start by apologizing for a lack of pictures in this post.  My sweet daughter got ahold of my camera a few weeks ago and drooled all over it…it has worked off and on since then, but finally made some odd beeping noises and…it’s gone.  I found one I love, and am hoping to have time to go in and get it tomorrow!  But enough about my camera!

Crockpot enchiladas are a new favorite at our house.  My mom tried out the recipe last time we visited, and everyone loved it!  It is great for feeding a crowd…when we visit my parents there are 13 or more mouths to feed at every meal!

My favorite thing about this “recipe” is that it is really forgiving!  You can use or lose some ingredients based on preference and what you have in your pantry!

You’ll need…

corn tortillas

cheddar or Colby cheese (shredded)

a can of enchilada sauce (or a batch of homemade if you are feeling perky)

{those are the basics…I mix and match a variety of the following ingredients…}


black beans

refried beans

shredded chicken

ground beef with taco seasoning

diced chilies




Start with a little bit of enchilada sauce in the bottom of you crock

Tear up small pieces of corn tortilla and layer over sauce

Layer with cheese and the other ingredients you have picked

End each layer with more enichilada sauce



Turn on low and let it warm for 5-6 hours.

We serve it with lettuce and sour cream!


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  1. I have clipped out your recipe to try really soon. I know we’ll love it. How are you feeling, my dear? I think about you all the time and are looking forward to seeing you on Easter. love you! Grandma

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