Thursday’s {Light} Thoughts

Thursday’s {Light} Thoughts

We’re gonna keep it light today for my Thursday’s Thoughts today.   Hope ya don’t mind!  😉

Kids can say some of the funniest things.  And some of those funny pronunciations and sayings become so common in our house that we forget the right way to say it!  Here’s some of our family’s funny vocabulary:

Callipater:  n. worm-like bug that turns into a butterfly.  Also known as caterpillar.

Plater:  n.  the person assigned to set the plates on the table at meal time.

Ear Wac: (pronounced “whack”)  n. singular form of ear wax as in, “Mom!  I got another wac out of my ear with the Q-tip!” {Gross, I know!}

“Being a stinker”:    phrase to describe an object {or person}  that is not working properly or causing a child frustration.  For example:    “Mom!  My zipper’s being a stinker!  Can you help me?” {Not to be confused with “being a seeker” which is the person assigned to find the other players in a game of hide-and-seek.}

Bam-baib:  n.  bandage.  Also known as band-aid.

Putted:  v.  past-tense form of the verb ‘put.’  For example:  “Mom, I putted my toys away!”

Purplish-pinkish-orangeish:  adj.  describes an object containing the colors purple, pink, and orange. Add “ish” to any color and it becomes a proper description.

Chloclate:  n. delicious sweet candy made from cocoa beans.  Also known as chocolate.  (I don’t even know how the child made the word harder to pronounce, but she did.  I can hardly say it with one “L” yet alone two!)

Na-Nigh:  n.  beloved blanket that is required to be in child’s possession if sleep is to occur.

“All of it”:  n. the last miniscule amount of treat or drink consumed.  One child can drink 98/100ths of a shared drink but if a different child drinks the last two drops the latter is proclaimed to have “drank all of it!”  which we all can see is so completely unfair.  😉

Glittery Bacon:  compliment.  This was my son’s idea of a complimentary nick name for me.  Which makes sense:  girls like things that sparkle and who doesn’t like bacon?!?!   Can ya feel the love?

This is by no means a complete list…just the ones I can think of for now.  😀

What funny sayings do you have around your house?

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  1. “On Accident”. If somebody misbehaved on purpose, sometimes things go wrong accidently, or “on accident”.
    (Don’t remember which one of you 4 came up with that…. probably Brian!)

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