DIY Household Cleaners

DIY Household Cleaners

Over the past year I have switched to {almost} all DIY cleaners.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I make my own laundry soap and softener, but I have also started making all of my other household cleaners, with the exception of dishwasher soap.  They are saving me tons of money, trips to the store, and they are natural and safe for our home and family!


White Distilled Vinegar (I buy it at Costco, two gallon jugs are under four dollars!)

{Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and odor elimination!}

Dawn dish soap (which I frequently get for pennies using coupons!)

Olive Oil

Rubbing Alcohol

A few quality spray bottles

All Purpose Cleaner/ Disinfectant (countertops, appliances, windows, mirrors, almost anything!)

Mix equal parts vinegar and water (whatever fills your bottle)

One {tiny} squirt of dawn

One tablespoon (give or take) of rubbing alcohol

There are A MILLION versions of this recipie…so if you aren’t in love with mine, check around.  Some use ammonia as well.  I have found that the tiny bit of dawn gives it a little grease fighting power and the rubbing alcohol prevents streaks when using on mirrors and windows.

Shower/Bathroom Cleaner

2 cups HOT vinegar

6 tablespoons ( I measure by doing 6 squirts) of Dawn

Mix and spray away!

When cleaning my bathroom I use this spray everywhere…in the tub and toilet I sprinkle some baking soda after I use this spray to make an abrasive cleaner.

Furniture Polish

2 cups vinegar

1 cup olive oil

You will need to mix this up a little each time you use it, it will separate. 

If you want to get {fancy}, my mom came up with a natural way to get her cleaners to smell pretty!

Put vinegar in quart jars and added the rinds of citrus fruits (oranges and lemons)!!

Let them sit for a few weeks, strain, and use that vinegar for your cleaners!

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  1. We use the orange cleaner all the time! It works great and the lemons and oranges aren’t just for smell, they are what makes it clean so well. What we are going to use it as, depends on how long we let it sit before we use it. We also add a bit of tea tree oil.

  2. Here is my question, you say to use HOT vinegar… does that mean you cannot store and use for a later time? I am looking for cleaner recipes that I can keep in bottles and use around the house at later times as well. A quick clean up after dinner, or when a mess is made. Not having to make and use right away.
    Thanks so much!

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