Monday Meal Plan

Monday Meal Plan

Anybody else missing that hour of sleep?  I know I am! 

And back to business:  here’s the meal plan for our house this week!

Breakfasts: (Not much variety:  with my little ones I can get away with it…so I do!)


  • PB& J’s 
  • Smoothies with homemade yogurt
  • Apple and Banana slices with peanut butter piles (the kids often make sculptures and it’s the one time I let them play with their food!)
  • Ants on a Log and veggie stix with homemade ranch and cheese slices
  • PB&J’s
  • Dinner leftovers
  • Quesadillas


  • Swedish Meatballs (post coming soon!)
  • Mexican rice (check back later this week!) and Refried Beans Burritos with guacamole
  • Spaghetti with {leftover} meatballs
  • Garlic Butter Shrimp and Green Beans over rice
  • Creamy Tomato Basil Soup with Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  • Corned Beef & Cabbage (St. Patrick’s Day!)
  • Leftovers!

    Garlic Butter Shrimp and Green Beans


What’s for dinner at your house?


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