All natural DIY hand lotion

All natural DIY hand lotion

Most of us know that olive oil is a healthy oil for cooking and eating.  It’s full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins.  But did you know olive oil is a wonderful natural moisturizer?  It’s a natural way to help dry skin!  And here in winter in Minnesota most of us need a little extra moisture for our skin! 

 I already see the benefits using the DIY facewash which is just olive oil and castor oil.  It tamed my oily skin!  No more greasy t-zone by noon!  It takes off my eye make up gently and I only need to use it once a day!  SO nice!

I’m sold!  I am a fan of EVOO!

Now I branched out a little more and made my own lotion with olive oil and you will not believe how super easy it was!  Seriously!  A little olive oil and emulsifying wax in the microwave, add a little essential oil, and then mix with hot water and viola!  Lotion!  Kendra at A Sonoma Garden developed this super easy lotion and I’m telling ya, you gotta try it! She even has adorable labels you can print off if you want to give homemade lotion as gifts!

I’ll be trying her Beeswax lotion too, but for now I’m in love with this hand lotion!  I used Bergamot and Coriander essential oils for a light scent that reminds me of fresh limes with a subtle sweetness.  I’ll try Geranium essential oil next time for a light rose scent.  The Mountain Rose Herbs website has the emulsifying wax and essential oils.  I also got some of my essential oils from Puritans Pride too which has them buy 1 get 2 free or buy 2 get 3more free!

If you don’t know much about essential oils and their scents…like I didn’t…check out a natural foods store or coop and spend some time sniffing their samples and picking out which scents you like.  As hard as it was for me to wait once I chose some special oils, it was cheaper for me to order on-line {but I did buy some amazing organic decaf coffee beans at the store …mmmm!}.

So break out the EVOO and moisturize!!!! (You can even use it straight out of the bottle directly onto your skin if you want!)

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  1. I just want to know how much u paid for shipping for the emulsifying wax, Waco went to the website u recommend, but the price for shipping is ridiculous. Is there other place I can get it? I live in Missouri.

    • Hey Gabriela. I usually stock up on supplies from Mountain Rose herbs and try to get the most bang for my shipping costs. I can add a few essential oils and other supplies without that shipping cost changing. Or there’s a couple of other carriers of emulsifying wax like and For both of those sites shipping was under $9. Hope that helps!

  2. Hello! I love your post! I am personally looking for a DIY lotion that I can take to school and keep in my bag with me at all times. How long does this lotion last?

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