Mother Nature

Mother Nature

I live just outside of Boise, Idaho.  We are lucky here not to have the severe weather that other parts of the country and world have.  At least for now.  When I see the pictures of devastation from the midwest, in the aftermath of all of the tornadoes this week, I am speechless.  My heart breaks.  Death.  devastation.  Families who have lost everything.

I feel helpless to help.  And physically I am.  I can donate a little to the Red Cross or other relief efforts.,,,but mostly, what I can do, what we can do, is pray for these families.  These communities.  If it were me, my family, my community…I would feel blessed to have a nation praying for us.  Please pray, and give if you can!

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  1. I get sick thinking about it. Especially where most of the deaths are from trailer parks. I wish they could have mass underground shelters for those areas, or something. Every year we try to clean up but I wish there was a way to prevent. I guess that’s nature though. So sad.

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