Curriculum Deal…Last Day so Don’t Miss Out!

Curriculum Deal…Last Day so Don’t Miss Out!

Both Courtney and I use My Father’s World curriculum.  You’ll see the banner on our side bar.  We don’t receive any kind of commission from the company.  We just really love their products and believe in their vision and thus, we want to share it with you!  Lucky you!  😉

I’ve only just begun the homeschooling journey…one full year under my belt!  And being new at it all I’ve looked at quite a few options trying to decide what will work best for us.  I always come back to My Father’s World.  I order catalogs and hear what others use, research, and I come back to…yup, you guessed it: My Father’s World.  For now, it’s the best fit in our home. 

What do I like about My Father’s World?  Oh, I’m so glad you asked!  Let me share!

  • It’s a Bible-based curriculum…’nuf said. :) 
  • It’s user-friendly!  It’s all planned out for me and easy to follow, but with a LOT of room for flexibility!  And you know how I like my flexibility!
  • Much of MFW uses a hands-on approach to learning.  Great for my active little guys and gals!
  • It’s family friendly!  For now, I can do the Bible time lessons and activities with all four of my little ones (ages 7, 5, 3, 21mo)! In grades 2-8 we can do the same core lessons all together and break off into age appropriate subjects afterward. That saves me time, energy, and sanity!
  • It uses a Charlotte Mason approach to education which has structure, but it doesn’t dumb it down for kids. It promotes the idea that children should also have some structure-free time to learn and explore God’s creation on their own.  Charlotte Mason was also concerned with the character development in children too, and that is very noticeable in the lessons. 
  • My Father’s World has a strong reading/literature focus and includes a lot of books which you can buy at a cheaper price through MFW or you can check out from your local library using their reading lists.
  • MFW is well-rounded including lessons in art, drawing, and music.
  • It is reasonable priced and very customer-friendly.  For instance: MFW came out with a 2nd edition of their kindergarten teachers manual for next year, but I could trade in my 1st edition manual and buy the newer version at half-price.  They were very helpful, professional, and friendly as I’ve dealt with them via phone and email.  They offer different packages and individual items so it’s easy to customize it to fit your budget.
  • They have a high standards and a global perspective.  The Hazell’s, who founded and developed the curriculum, are Bible translators, educators, and homeschooling parents themselves with impressive credentials AND big hearts. 


Even if you don’t homeschool, they have a lot of educational toys and kits that may be a fun way to be involved with your children’s learning at home.  Any grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends out there that have special kids in your lives?  Check out the website for gift ideas, things like ant farms or magnet sets as well as beloved classics to read.  My Father’s World also has a variety of toddler and preschool toys that are nice to keep little ones busy with a purpose!   

So browse their website (use the link on the right side bar) and see what they’re all about.  If you see anything you like, take advantage of their low $4.95 flat-rate shipping price and their 2011 prices.  THIS IS THE LAST DAY!


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