Checkin’ In

Checkin’ In

Being a person who likes variety I often have a few projects in progress at any one time.  I love being able to do things myself, but there’s usually a learning curve.  And you lucky blog-friends get to learn from my mistakes experiments!

Here’s some of my projects:

  • DIY yogurt
  • sewing diaper bags/purses
  • crochet beanies
  • DIY Kindle cover:  first prototype was a flop, I’ll resign myself and use a pattern
  • Homemade wheat bread on a regular basis to replace store-bought
  • DIY lotion
  • Homemade mayo
  • whole wheat desserts with natural sweetners
  • DIY wheat thin-like crackers
  • selling baby stuff (saving up for an electric grain mill!!!)
  • clutter busting the home

Just about every area of the house has a project going on.  It keeps me going.  I have a short attention span, so when I get bored with one project I move to another.  Some are on-going experiments.  Some are a one-time thing.  In general, I’m trying to move us to eating healthier, living lighter, and getting in-touch with my creative side! :)

And checking in with a past project, the DIY facewash I’ve been using for over a month has been working great!  Who woulda thought that a person with large pores and oily skin prone to acne could dry it up with slathering more oil on it?!?!  But it works!  My skin is much less oily, normal in fact!  I still have some acne, but it’s better than it was and my pores are smaller!  I think the trick is to soak the washcloth in the warm-as-you-can-stand-it-water and lay it over your face for a minute after you rubbed the oil mixture in.  Then I gently rub off the excess oil. 

I only use the facewash at night, and it does great at removing my make-up (although I don’t wear waterproof mascara, just the regular stuff).  My face is fine in the morning and ready to go.  Only needing to wash my face once a day saves me time and money…a little really goes a long way!  My skin is better than I can ever remember it.  It’s no longer oily in the day.  My face doesn’t feel tight and raw after washing like some of my harsher cleansers have left it.  And if I need a little moisture, I use a tiny bit of coconut oil.  This project was definitely worth the $2.75 I spent on it!  I’m no medical professional, but this works great for me!


Oil-based Facewash! Only 2 ingredients!


**Note: I found my castor oil at Walmart in the pharmacy section on the bottom shelf under all the other laxatives.  😀    I also saw it at a local health food coop but it was more expensive there.  The cheap stuff works fine, just so ya know! 

How about you?  Any projects you’re working on?  Anything you’d like to see here on A Lighter Journey?  Let us know if you have any ideas!  We love a good project!



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  1. I make all our bread but the rest of your projects sound like way too much for me to handle right now. You’re a go-getter!

    • Oh some of these projects have been going on for a looooooong time. And you’ll notice, I didn’t mention a timetable. Who knows when I’ll finish! Way to go on the bread! I had to buy a loaf this week, but I’m trying to get into the habit of making it all.

  2. I just might have to try this! I’m also acne prone and I’ve been looking for SOMETHING to help. I’d also rather go more natural with ingredients. Thanks for sharing!

    • It surprised me, I admit! I used to think the stronger the cleanser the better, but this stuff is gentle AND effective! I hope it something that works for you too! Let us know how it goes if you end up trying this!

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