We made room to play in the playroom!

We made room to play in the playroom!

I am {slightly} obsessed lately with the clearing of all things no longer needed.  The playroom is a constant source of annoyance in my home…we love that we have it, we just don’t love picking up our toys ALL THE TIME.

We spent some time after school yesterday cleaning up.  Sorting Legos and Lincoln Logs, mending well loved books, finding pieces to puzzles…putting everything in it’s place.

We also got rid of two bags of things we were done with!

I {try to} do this every couple of months…



 Look, we have room to play!

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  1. Flowers and seasons come and go… passing through for our enjoyment.
    As a Grandfather, I can tell you that children will, too… in a way… on with their own lives.

    So, why can’t clothes and toys, and drawings etc,?

    Looks terrific… and kids don’t LOOK too traumatized now! And I’ll bet you don’t feel more poor because you have less “stuff” than you did recently.

    And, great modeling for your kids. It will be interesting to see what you post here in 20 years!

  2. I noticed that you didn’t post a “before” pic of the floor! Hehe. Yes, the toys are an ongoing battle. But worth it! Kids thrive in a somewhat clean environment. You have great organization!

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