What are you trying to accomplish this week?  A few of my goals…

Things that need done…

  1. Finish up Chloe’s scrapbook through her 1st birthday
  2. Help the boys clean out their nightstand
  3. Freezer cooking (post coming soon!)
  4. Find a way to make more room in the garage so we’re not tripping over bikes and scooters wehn we get out of the car!
  5. Record  19 Kids and Counting for my mom and send it off!
  6. Go through playroom bookshelves and do some purging (post and pics later)



  1. Read our chapter book daily with the boys…we’re reading Little House in the Big Woods
  2. Make family prayer time a PRIORITY every night
  3. Get outside (despite the COLD) for at least four outside walks or bike rides
  4. Turn my phone off and don’t look at the computer during school!  Mommy gets distracted too easily.



  1. Pray for my husband and children
  2. Pray for my beautiful great-grandmother, who was admitted to the hospital this weekend
  3. Finish reading  A Thousand Gifts

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