Pile Therapy–Part 2

Pile Therapy–Part 2
Pile Therapy–Part 2

(If you missed out on Part 1 click here.)

I did it!  It took longer than I anticipated because I had to fight the urge to simply move things to a different pile!  And there was a domino effect that took place:  I removed one thing off the ledge and then had to move 10 other things to make a new home for the item! Phew!  If I couldn’t find a good home for said item it went in the trash.  (Which is very hard when it’s kiddo “art” but thankfully there’s always an abundance of that around here! 😉

Here it is again:




Yup, that’s a pile-free ledge if I’ve ever seen one!  Can you believe the difference?  Guess the real test is to see how long it stays this clear!
Alright, on to the next pile.  I don’t have to look far.  It’s right here in front of me…my computer desk. 😛

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