Comparison…a Thief of Joy.

Comparison…a Thief of Joy.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

If this statement is true, which I am certain it is, I am constantly having my joy stolen!  However, I have only myself to blame.  As I delve through blogs and Pintrest, keep track of old friends on Facebook, and watch T.V…I feel completely inadequate.  Completely.  I’m not thin enough, my kids aren’t in designer duds, my house doesn’t have granite counter tops, none of my shoes have heels, I don’t have a fancy “real” job…the list goes on and on.

Our culture, commercialism, and maybe even our government push us, encourage us, to live like the Jones’.  Because of it we are a nation of debt, and despite all we have to be thankful for in this country, there are so many who live in such sadness.

I think of women in poor countries who would do anything to have what I have.  A place to call home.  Babies with full bellies.   I read that if I have these things, I am richer that 75 percent of the population.  If I have a few dollars to spare in my wallet, I am in the top eight percent.

It is my goal, and it is an everyday struggle, to live my own life.  To live within my means, beneath my means even.   Being content with what I have, and thankful for it.  Thankful that my house is full of laughter and children.  That my non-granite counter tops serve up three homemade meals every day.  That my hard working husband comes home and loves us.  I have so much to be thankful for.  So I will {try} not to waste my time trying to acquire what others have, do what they do, be what they are.  Rather, try to spend my time, efforts, and talents being what God called ME to be.

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  1. Beautiful thoughts! I, too, can find myself in the trap of self-hatred and “if only”…thanks for the encouragement to be a woman of faith and thanksgiving!

  2. Life IS about comparison. It’s all around us, and that includes scripture.
    In fact, “the height of your joy is measured by the depths of your sorrow.”
    Comparison is a tool – just a tool. I’m happiest when I use it for inspiration rather than persecution, for information rather than judgment.

    But you’re right – probably more than 90% of the world’s people would be thrilled to have 10% of what I have!!! And that starts with the people who love me, whether I know and acknowledge that or not.


  3. I too struggle with this Court- as you know, because we have talked about it over the years- I find my ability to be content is so easily found when I think about my children and my family and friends- god has blessed me so fully in them and nothing else matters. :)

  4. What beautiful thoughts! And you are living just as you described and I can tell by watching and listening to you that they come straight from the heart. What an inspiration you are! Thanks!

  5. I would just like to say that there’s a virtue in every vice.

    You can compare yourself to others and let your feelings turn into jealousy, self-pity, frustration…
    or you can use your comparison of others to set goals for yourself in the hopes of becoming a better, more authentic person. Comparison isn’t a bad thing – you just have let it motivate you to do something positive with it.

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