Chocolate Cake for Breakfast? How My Kids Teach Me Humility.

Chocolate Cake for Breakfast? How My Kids Teach Me Humility.

So yesterday was the boys had dental check-ups and cleanings.  The sweet hygenist came out and called my four-year olds name first.  He happily and proudly went with her.  I stayed in the waiting area with the other kiddos.  When he was finished she told me everything looked good, no cavities.

Then, she told me that while she was flossing his teeth, a big chunk of black gunk came out.  She said that at first she was worried it was decay, and then asked him what he had eaten today.  He proudly answered, “my mom gave us chocolate cake for breakfast.”

Mystery of the black gunk solved.  Humiliation for me.  Yep, I let my kids have a {tiny} piece of cake with bananas and yogurt for breakfast.  And I got caught.  In my defense, it was the chocolate Valentine cake I slaved over, and everyone was too full to eat on Tuesday.   Luckily the hygenist thought it was funny, and hopefully, the fact that he had no cavities proved I don’t do it everyday.

Having children teaches us humility.  From the time we give birth (humility!) and onward, every day, every way  Humility.  Thankfully I have learned to laugh at myself, and them…what can you do?

Tonight we’ll brush our teeth extra good….and tommorrow, no cake for breakfast.

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  1. I guess I haven’t seen all your replies.
    I wonder how many people will remind you of a Bill Cosby episode.
    Back in “my day”, comedians would make records of their stand-up routines. Bill Cosby was, as you might guess, one of the best. And part of what made him so popular was his telling of family stories that resonated with people – whether as a 6-year-old child, a teen, a young parent, maturing parent/grandparent, old person…
    I think I still have it; I’m betting you can buy it or download it… but it’s Bill Cosby’s “Chocolate Cake For Breakfast”… it has wheat!!! Milk!!! Eggs!!! it’s a BALANCED meal!!!…

    I can’t do it justic here, but it’s a hoot.

    • As soon as I read Courtney’s post I thought of you, Dad, and that Bill Cosby stand-up routine! I thought it might come up! 😉 And for good reason, too. It’s FUNNY and TRUE!

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