Have you ever noticed that vintage always seems to be in style.  I see “vintage” toys (brand new but made to look exactly like the ones I had as a kid) and I think I need them for MY kids now.   

I hear a good 80’s song and my mind is flooded with memories and feelings.  However, as much as I love 80’s music I am not a fan of the 80’s fluorescents that are back it! That’s just wrong! But they’re back in the stores and flying off the shelves and into our teens’ drawers. 

Clothing, music, toys…things seem to come back in style after awhile.  I think that because they’re tied to our memories. 

It’s been almost a year since we’ve moved from Idaho to Minnesota.  We just had two birthdays.  A lot has happened in the last year.  Time flies so fast!  Now that some of the hubbub from the birthdays is over today I am taking a second to look back and remember. 

Remembering where we’ve been will hopefully keep me on task with where I want to go.  And it brings a little perspective.  There are things that seemed so hard or even impossible in the moment. In hindsight those things don’t seem to be quite the obstacle they did back then because I see that progress really was made!  Yay!   We got through it!  Maybe my today’s “impossibilities” aren’t so insurmountable either!

With such busy lives and so many lofty goals of what I want to accomplish, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush and forget where I’ve been and where I’m going.  Today I want to remember…and praise and thank the One Who Always Remembers Us!  He’s with me on this journey and He knows exactly where we’re headed!

How about you?  How has your life changed in a year?


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  1. I do a lot of reflecting. I think it helps us appreciate where we are today, or at least where we’re heading. A year ago I had just found out our 6th and final baby was a boy. Again. (5 boys, 1 girl) I tried not to be disappointed but I was. I wanted my daughter to have a sister. And above that, we always worry about the health of our babies because of a possible genetic issue. My pregnancies are beyond stressful. So a year ago I was struggling. Now looking back, everything has turned out wonderfully. (I wish I’d had a crystal ball then, ha, but look at how much I’ve learned in the journey!) Our little boy is healthy and of course I wouldn’t want to change him to a girl. What a horrible idea! He is a perfect ball of happiness. So this last year has brought me from the tough times of childbearing into the new phase of child-raising. I think I’m going to love it!

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