Life with little ones is busy.  There is rarely a dull moment.  It passes so quickly.  So quickly.  Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by the “little” things…laundry, diapers, sweeping the floor for the fourteenth time today, that I worry I am going to miss out on the bigger picture.  Time spent reading on the couch, playing with my kids, really listening to all they have to say.  I worry I might miss the moments that make it all worth it.

Valentines Day always reminds me that I should cherish those things that really matter.  No one will remember that I never swept after their lunch…but they might remember that I was too busy to play or listen.  I am not saying I should let my house go, I’m a bit of a clean freak, but I can put a daily effort and focus on where my priorities should be.

  1. God
  2. Others (family, friends. those in need…)
  3. Self
  4. Things

I hope to spend Valentines Day enjoying the ones I love, and maybe I’ll only sweep twice!

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  1. as a mom it is hard not to feel guilty about almost amything our minds can drum up. This is a good message and reminder for us. I am always and ever thankful for being my kids mom.

  2. God loves us unconditionally. It is God’s design that we have free will.
    Nothing illustrates that better than the fact that we have a limited amount of time to choose and accomplish a limited number of things, from a list that is as infinitely long and large as God’s love for us. We have CHOICES, like a menu… not an unending list of requirements.
    Our consciences and friends will admonish us for all the things we DIDN’T get done, and God loves us for what we DO, along with HOW and WHY.
    The pressure we feel and face, day to day, with To-Do lists that never end – they come from within. We do it to ourselves.
    That’s why the airlines have to remind us – “Put your own oxygen mask on FIRST.”
    IMHO, that applies more to women than to men, and that goes double for Moms.
    Be gentle… just because…

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