Homemade “Uncrustables”

Homemade “Uncrustables”

So…we, and by we, I mean my kids, are HUGE PBJ fans!  They would eat them for every meal if I allowed.  Seriously.  So…inspired by the cute little boxes of uncrustables my kids see at the store, and I never buy, I thought I would try my own version!

I took three loaves of bread…yes, I know it’s {gasp} white bread…but I got it for 50 cents a loaf and thought it would work best for my attempt!

I put peanut butter on both sides, thinking that it would make it less soggy.

Jam on one piece.  Maybe the homemade jam will make up for the white bread?


Put them together, and what do you get…

We cut off the crusts, wrapped in plastic wrap and…voilla!!  We stacked them in the freezer and they’re ready to go.


Perfect to throw in the diaper bag for lunch on the go,…or breakfast…or dinner.   Also, I am thinking they will be great for lunches outside and trips to the park this summer!

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  1. Personally, and perhaps judgmentally, I just cringe when I see all that crust taken away… but that’s just me.
    Maybe that’s a pile of salad croutons, or the makings of my mother’s Bohemian Dumplings, or bread-crumbs for toppings.
    At the very least, when Michelle was little, this would be great for feeding the ducks!!!

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