How to Save $ on Groceries–Part 2

How to Save $ on Groceries–Part 2

If you didn’t read it, you can catch up on Part 1 here.

A few more ways to save $ on groceries:

5. Make a list and stick to it.  Now that the menu plan is done using on sale/in season items, check your cupboards and freezer for any items you’ll need for those meals.  Anything not found there goes on the list.  When you are armed with a list, you are more likely to avoid overspending on unnecessary items and things that just plain look good in the moment but end up going to waste in the long run.  Not only does this save you money, but it also saves you time wandering around wondering what to buy! (And if your life is anything like mine, I bet that’s something you could use a little more of too!)

6.  Bulk up.   If there’s a spectacular deal on a staple that you use a lot, consider stocking up on it.  Items that I use often (and can be frozen or are not perishable) I buy in bulk.  Some of these items are flour, rice, pinto beans, raisins, natural peanut butter, butter,certain spices, cheese, honey, whole chickens, hamburger.  Items like cheese and hamburger we bring home and repackage them into smaller baggies and freeze.  It takes a little more time to do this, but you’re saving money and eliminating possible waste (and scenerios of eating hamburger every day for a week because you needed one pound of the five-pound-colossal-hamburger-tube that was frozen solid.)  I can cook a whole mess of beans in the crockpot and freeze them in 2 cup portions for other meals which costs me a fraction of the price of canned beans!

7. Buy from the source. We happen to live in a rural area.  We’re surrounded by farms and try to take advantage of that when we can.  We go to the strawberry farm in June and pick our own strawberries, and freeze what we don’t eat right away.  Farming friends at church offered us a big pile of sweet corn which we cooked and froze.  Others have apple trees that we can pick. There’s also opportunities to buy half a cow or pig directly from farmers or butchers.  (Now before you picture half a bovine taking up your whole freezer please understand that the meat is already packaged in nice white butcher paper!)   Some of these foods were given to us for free if we were willing to pick them ourselves and do the work to preserve them.  Other foods we pay for but at a lower price than big chain grocery stores. So look around your area: buying  directly from local growers can save you some money and maybe be a fun family outing too!

8. Be the source!  We’re learning to grow what we can.  We have 20 acres and I’m at home with the kids so we have time and space to grow a big garden.  However, Courtney lives in a nice developement in a small city.  She still grows a lot of food in her backyard too.  There’s so many benefits to growing your own food.  You’re children learn where fruit and veggies come from, and they may be more interested in eating those green beans they helped grow.  (That was a MAY be…no promises!) 😉 Plus you know exactly what went into the food you’re eating…literally and figuratively.  Take the time to learn how to preserve what you grow.  Homemade jellys and salsa can make great gifts too!  Big yard or small, you can have the satisfaction of growing your own food and save money doing it!

A portion of our fall harvest!

As you can see, it’s not that complicated to save money on groceries.  And like most things in life, the more you do it, the easier it gets!

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  1. lol… now if I could just have a yard. I remember when I first came to Japan, and we learned the verb “to want”. I told them I wanted a “yard”. They were terribly confused. Living in the city, even if you own a house, the likelihood of actually having a yard is rather dim… but I’m holding out – perhaps I’ll get to the point where I can grow things in pots! :)

    • That’s how I started: a potted tomato plant and a small planter with herbs! I’m sure city life in Japan is quite a bit different than life on the farm here. :) But it’s so exciting to see the Lord working in and through you and William! Thanks for sharing, Mary Jo!

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