Busy Boxes…Creative Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy!

Busy Boxes…Creative Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy!

We use busy boxes every morning after breakfast, before we start schooling!  It’s a great way to keep them busy while I am cleaning up, prepping for meals, starting laundry, etc.!  I started using them about two years ago…and my oldest has probably outgrown some of the concepts, but he still loves them!  We recently added a few “baby busy boxes” for our one year old!

We rotate through the boxes, doing 2-3 each morning.  I set a timer, and they play for 10 minutes and then switch boxes!

Here are a few of my ideas…but really the possibilities are endless!

Beans with spoons/cups

Sorting…use colored cups and coordinating small objects (just a random collection)…have them sort by color/shape/size

Aquadoodle…a favorite!

Lacing cards

Water box…put a few cups and scoops in box…when they use this one I empty out the box and fill it with a little bit of water and they love it!

Other Ideas (not pictured)

    • Clothes pins and popsicle sticks (you’d be surprised at how fun this is for them)
    • Finger puppets
    • Puzzles
    • Stringing cheerio’s
    • Play-doh
    • Stacking
    • Chalk/chalkboard

How do you keep little ones busy?!

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  1. Love this! A mama’s best friend when she is busy. Isn’t this what some mothers “pay” for when sending their kiddos off to pre-school? Great ideas for keeping them busy, at home, and learning!

  2. I love busy boxes! I bought a pack of the craft pom-poms when they were in the dollar section at Target. I put 5 cups with them and a pair of toy tweezers we already had. It’s by far Kaden’s favorite busy box activity! It seems like it’s the simple things that keep them busy the longest. :)

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