Weekend is here!

Weekend is here!

Not sure about all of you, but I am in the mood to PURGE!  This weekend I have very lofty goals to:

  • clean the back storage room
  • sort and purge kids’ clothes to reduce laundry
  • clean out the van
  • bake whole wheat honey bread
  • try our hand at homemade Cheezits!
  • budget meeting with the hubby
  • plan dinners for next week
  • plan the big birthday party for our 2 oldest kiddos which will take place next weekend
  • watch a library DVD with hubby
  •  the usual
  • and the UNusual that always seems to pop up 😉

Yup.  Those are my goals, but as you know it’s all just guidelines .  So I’ll most likely get to two of the above items…and that’s okay with me!  😉

How about you?  What are you doing this weekend?

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    • Go, Charlie! I hope you’re taking before and after pictures! Can’t wait to see! (Jesse was the main one for the cleaning out of our back room and he did an amazing job!) I think we picked some good guys! 😉

  1. Guess what I did this WEEKEND??? I made your recipe for
    PUMPKIN SOUP! I doubled the recipe and served it to 10
    people here at our house for a Saturday lunch!
    WE LOVED IT!!! We grow and freeze lots of pumpkin from
    our garden and this is such an awesome way to serve it up!

    YUMMY! Thanks!

    • Oh I am so glad you liked it! I warned my husband too…after coming up with this recipe I want to grow a LOT of pumpkins this summer! I just baked up our last hubbard squash from the garden today and may try that as a pumpkin substitute while I’m waiting! 😉

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