Family Binder

Family Binder

Having a “family binder” has been a saving grace for me over the past year. I originally got the idea from other women online…and for a long time thought the idea was great, but that I didn’t really need one. But, last year, after our third child was born, I found myself desperatly needing some sort of orgainization.

I looked at lots of ideas online, noting how other women were making theirs.  I took the information I saw and made one that works FOR ME. There were lots of fancy, intricate ones that enticed me. But, I kept mine simple. The great thing about this is…you can make it whatever you want, and need, it to be.

Here is mine…for ideas.

 Section 1- Weekly Goals, Daily Goals, Monthly Calander

Every week I jot down a few “extra” things I want to get done.    Next is my daily flow list.  I found that every day is different with classes and appointments.  So while my schedule is basically the same every day, I jot down a basic layout of how I would LIKE my day to go.  I usually take a few minutes at night to do this.  I rarely follow it perfectly, but it gives me an idea of what I was hoping to get done when the chaos of the day begins.  I have found it to be very helpful.  While it may sound like it makes my life rigid and structured, it actually gives me (personally) a sense of calm and simplicity.  While I do put things down that are no fun at all…like cleaning the car, I also put things on that are fun, like bike riding with the boys.  When I wasn’t keeping track of my time, things I WANTED to do, like taking the boys bike riding, got lost in the day.

My weekly goals and daily list 


Section 2- Medical

  • Insurance cards and info
  • Immunization records
  • Any info from the Dr. worth saving
  • Perscriptions

I have found this to be invaluable.  No more time searching for all this info when we’re on the way out the door for a doctor visit. 

My medical info.

Section 3- Spending

  • Recipts (only for certian things)
  • Our budget speadsheet…always a good reminder to see it in print!
  • Any dept. store credit cards/ regular credit cards we have…I keep these in a baseball card holder.  We do not like to have them in our wallets on a daily basis. 
  • I keep a list of when certian stores I love have the best sales.  (End of season clearnce, etc.)
  • I keep notes  in here of what sizes kids are in.
  • Gift ideas
  • I keep track of gifts I buy ahead of time if I find great deals
  • I keep print out of any hotel/ vacation reservations I make in here.
  • Passwords…so many passwords.

I usually clean this section out on a 6 month/yearly basis.


 Spending section…recently cleaned out!

Secion 4- Contact Information 

You know, all the numbers you need, and don’t have after your phone falls in the sink!  I also keep any relevant business cards.

Business cards 

Section 5- Home Improvement/Ideas 

We keep track of home improvement projects, paint colors, grout colors, tile types, etc.  I also keep a little folder of “ideas.”  That is my husbands least favorite section, because it means work for him!

I generally keep my binder at home in an area where I can refer to it easily.  If we are headed out of town, I put it in the car.  That way I have any of our information at my fingertips if I need it!


I found the book Organized Simplicity to be SO helpful when coming up with ideas for this!



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