Medicine Cabinet Makeover

Medicine Cabinet Makeover

After several flu and cold bugs have passed through our home in the past few months our medicine cabinet was a scary compilation of bottles and bags.  As I stood staring at it last night, eyes blurry, mind groggy, trying to find a bottle of medicine for my teething one year old…I knew it needed some work.

So, today, during nap time, I did a mini makeover.

I started with three totes (cheap plastic ones) and divided our medicine into

  • Big People – you know, the good stuff, for my (and my hubby’s) sore, aging bodies:)
  • Little People– teething gels, thermometers, kiddo meds
  • 1st Aide (Owies)- a sturdy supply of “Cars” band-aids


Then I made labels, using scrapbook paper, for each container.  I used a hole punch and pieces of ribbon to attach them to the containers.

Next, using more scrapbooking paper, I made charts to put on the inside of each medicine cabinet door.  One chart shows correct dosages for age/weight for common kiddo medicines.  Now my sweet, but easily confused husband will have no excuses!  The other had Dr.’s numbers, hospital help lines, poison control, and emergency contact info for babysitters.

Simple and easy,  So the next night we’re lucky enough to be searching for Tylenol at 2 in the morning, at least it will be easier to find!





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  1. Great idea! When I try to get meds in the middle of the night, I always manage to turn on the garbage disposal instead of the light!

  2. What a great way to organize medicine. I just recently had to run to the store to buy because a family member was having a bad allergic reaction…only to discover when I got home that I already had some!! So I’ve definitely got to figure out something to keep track of what I have at home. :-)

  3. Great idea – I only have one, plus a turntable in the cabinet now that my daughter is a teen. Works very well for us

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