Free Entertainment

Free Entertainment

If you’re on a mission to cut-back on your household expenses one of the lines you might drastically slash is entertainment.  However, if that’s the case you won’t have to suffer too much thanks to…{drum roll,please}…your local library!!!

That’s right!  Most libraries offer so much more than books for free entertainment. Many include DVD’s, CD’s, ebooks, story-times, programs, guest speakers…and all for free (as long as you return borrowed materials on time)!  Just this week in our local library they had a work shop for making your own fleece scarf.  And it was free!  My daughter and I attended a free ballet performance through the library in December as well.  Are you catching on?  Who doesn’t like free?

If your library doesn’t have much for workshops or programs maybe you can offer to teach one and get the ball rolling.  It could be as simple as reading your favorite children’s book to preschoolers or as complicated as teaching adults rocket science…if rocket science happens to come easy to you.

Most libraries offer their catalogs on-line, so you can do a lot of browsing from the comfort of your own home.  So find out what movies are coming out to DVD and put in your request!

There’s also the very obvious educational benefits at your local library too.  Find books and articles on any and every subject.  Supplement your children’s schooling with free resources you can find at your library.  If your library doesn’t have exactly what you’re looking for, ask your librarian if they can inter-library loan from another branch.  Most do!

If you happened to get an ebook reader for Christmas you can also take advantage of many free ebooks to borrow from your library or to buy free on-line too.  Entertainment doesn’t have to cost much!  So find that library card buried in your purse or wallet, get to your local library and get some use out of it!

How do you save money on your entertainment budget?  Leave a comment and share with us!

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  1. Seems like that would be a good excuse for a time-consuming but inexpensive “field trip” – or any excuse to get out of the house and see 4 different walls!!
    Jan’s friend, MaryPat, just retired from a very large library in Southern California. Let’s just say – today’s libraries are a little different than the ones I grew up with. They offer so much more, not the least of which is variety.
    If Michelle can find that much in the little library at Upsala, imagine what there might be if you live in larger towns!

  2. OOOOOOOOhhhhhh. You must have just THE best librarian in the wide world!!!!! I think libraries are a most under rated public service. We do so much for so little. Andf I can even add more to Michelle’s great list:

    Part- time jobs for you and/or your children
    Volunteer experience for you and/or your children
    Customized teaching on research, sources, works citation, early literacy …….
    Listening ears and hearts
    Free wireless internet, even when the library is closed
    A gathering space
    An art gallery
    A musical experience

    And on and on …..

    Thanks kid, for your endorsement!!!!!

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