Finding Thankfulness…

Finding Thankfulness…

One of my goals for the new year was to try to be more thankful…not for the easy things, but for the harder things.  It’s easy (usually) to be thankful for my children, husband, mother, home…etc.  But then there are things that I find I have a harder time being thankful for.  Things that I resent even.

This week I am thankful for shoes.  Not just any shoes, my one year old daughter’s “special shoes.”

(Taken just after she got her first “shoes”…still the happiest baby!)

They are actually called the Dennis Browne Bar and Boots.  They are helping to correct some of the muscle and positioning issues that were the result of the blood clot in her leg at birth.  They are often commenly used to help kids born with clubbed feet,  She has been wearing these shoes since she was 4 months old, and was in full leg castings before that.  Thankfully, now, she now only has to wear them at bedtime, instead of all day.  She will wear them at night until she is three.

I am reminding myself to find thankfulness for these {ugly} shoes today, because we had an appointment this morning to get a new, bigger, pair made.  I was driving to her appointment, a little angry and annoyed.  I was staring at these {ugly} shoes sitting on the seat next to me.  Annoyed, upset, that my beautiful little girl had to wear them.  Playing the whole “why me” game.

Then, in a {brief} moment of clarity, I realized I should be greatful, thankful.  Thankful that the solution to her “problem” is shoes.  Shoes are an easy solution, right?  The solution could be worse…(more) surgeries, chemo, transplants…There are babies, and mothers of babies, facing “solutions” that are far harder to handle than Chloe’s.

I should be thankful that someone designed these shoes.  That he spent his time, efforts and talents so my daughter could walk.  (While I am thinking this my mind wanders…wondering why he couldn’t have made them pink, with a little bow…oops)

I should be thankful our insurance pays for them, and we can provide them for her.

I should be thankful to God for giving me my little girl.

I should be thankful.  Greatful.

By the time we got to the office, my perspective was changed.  I entered with a better attitude.

I held my {beautiful} little girl and her {beautiful} shoes proudly.


Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:18



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  1. I love this! You are the perfect mom for her. Do you own the shoes permanently? Break out the paint, glitter, and bows! I’ve decorated shoes for Nicole before, just for fun.

    She is beautiful!

    • Thanks Kristen. We own them, but can donate them to kids in other countries who don’t have acsess to them as she grows out of them. I DO, however, clip little hairbows onto them!

  2. Oh if only my mother could visit with you. (She’s on Facebook, and maybe reading this and your posting.)
    I had those special shoes and bars on my feet/legs until I was 2 (I’m told). My older sisters and mother know much more than I. All I recall is having to wear special hi-top shoes with special soles/heals in grade school. I think I got my first pair of “normal” low-cut oxford shoes when I was in 8th grade. I think I probably felt like a young Forrest Gump.
    You can’t tell now. And my guess is, they probably bother you a lot more than they bother her.
    She IS beautiful, period. And one way or another, the difficulty you and she is enduring now will contribute to the beauty you will see in her… when she graduates, wins a trophy, or “walks down the aisle”.
    And what a gift those feet and those shoes are for you! How else might you have that insight you shared in this post?
    “The height of your joy is measured by the depth of your sorrow.”
    You’re doing fine…. both of you!!!… All of you…

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