Why Homeschooling Works for Us-Part 2

Why Homeschooling Works for Us-Part 2

(Don’t forget to check out reasons 1-3 if you missed Part 1)

4.  It nurtures independent thinking.  As humans, we often get stuck in a rut.  We do things because “that’s the way we’ve always done them” or “that’s what everyone is doing”.  As my husband and I  looked at the education options open to us we wanted to move beyond that, and we want our children to too.  So, we asked a lot of questions.  Why do schools do things the way they do them?  Who decides what curriculum to use and why?  How much of my child’s time at school will be spent on effective learning?  Why is there one standard set for a variety of children who all learn and process information differently and reach milestones at different times?  Who decides that standard?  How much do politics and money influence school decisions rather than what is best for the students?  What’s best for our children?

Choosing to homeschool already has us going against the norm.  At home, I want to teach my kids to think outside the box, not letting popular opinion be our standard, but rather thinking through many options and deciding what is best for us. (And I know what is best for US is not best for ALL.) At home our kids will gradually take a more active part in the decision-making in their schooling which will foster self-motivation and discipline (or at least that’s our hope!).

5.  It encourages a life-long love of learning.  As a home educator I strive to harness the natural curiosity my children have at a young age and nurture it.   I can make sure learning is fun and playtime is educational.    The learning doesn’t have to stop at 3:00!  My kids can dive deeper into those subjects that interest them.   I can also incorporate these interests in other subjects that might not be as appealing.    One of my goals in education is to teach my kids how to learn.  If you don’t know, where can you find the answer?   I hope they never stop growing and learning!  And we can all learn together!  I learn just as much as my kids!  Not only does this foster a love of learning, but it really unifies us as a family and strengthens our relationships.  Because we homeschool,  my kids get to see me learning right along with them.

There are many many wonderful teachers and schools out there, and I’m so grateful that here in the USA public education is always an option for every child.  Please don’t think I’m knocking those great educators/schools, or saying homeschooling is the only way to go. I am questioning the public education system as a whole.  It just won’t reach every child.   Many schools do make a valiant effort, but no system will reach everyone.  Again, I’m not anti-public school!  I attended and graduated from public school.  I’ve worked in public schools.  I also know home school is not ideal for everyone or going to reach every child either.  These are just some of the reasons it’s the best fit for us.

So what’s the best fit for your family?  Leave a comment and share!

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  2. We are a family who (not by my choice) is public school and homeschool. We have one child who attends public high school as he did not like homeschool. He just enjoyed the social enviroment of public school. We are homeschooling five of our children (including one special needs child) who LOVE to school at home and couldn’t be happier NOT having to go to public school. We tried requiring our high school son to do homeschool and it made us ALL miserable. So, that is why our family does both. We feel strongly that homeschooling is a valuable choice, allowing our children to learn with Christian principles especially in areas of science and history. A BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW is so important for our children’s foundation!

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