Homemade Vanilla

Homemade Vanilla

Homemade vanilla extract is suprisingly EASY to make!  It tastes amazing…so much better than the fake stuff I was used to buying, and much cheaper than the imported real vanilla extract.  We made a huge batch last year and gave it away in cute little bottles as Christmas gifts!

The amount of beans you need depends on how much you want to make.

20-25 beans to 1 gallon of vodka

40-45 beans to 2 gallons of vodka

I got mine on Amazon, and found it to be the best pricing.  You will pay a few dollars per bean at a grocery store.

And yes, you’ll get a few sideways glances when you take three little kids into a liquor store and buy two gallons of vodka!  What?  Mama had a hard day :-)

I made mine last year and gave lots away at Christmas so I did a big batch!

You will want to find a large glass jar of some sort…I used old pickle jars (that I washed a milliion times in fear my vanilla would taste like pickles!)  But, any jar will work.

Cut your vanila beans in half, or slice them down the middle.  Put your vanilla beans into the jar(s), pour vodka over them and wait…for several months.  I let ours sit for about seven months, but it seemed to be ready sooner that that.

It’s a great lesson for the little ones too…and fun to watch over time.

SO…if you’re thinking Christmas already (and who isn’t, right?  It was a month ago) you should start the process soon!

I collected jars and bottles all year long knowing I could use them for gifts.  I made {cute} little labels and tied a rafia bow around each bottle!

After I poured the vanilla into the jars I was going to give away I added a few vanilla beans (from the original jar) into the gifts so the flavor would keep growing with time!

They were so fun to give away! Great gifts for neighbors, teachers, friends…any time of the year!

It’s a little hard to read…our lables said:

Homemade Vanilla Extract


Vanilla, Vodka and Love

Merry Christmas!

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  1. The alcohol extracts the flavor of the vanilla bean. It will go from clear on day one, and gradually become darker :-) I hope that answered your question.
    Thanks for reading!

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