Sunday night my husband and I watched “Courageous.”  My husband was skeptical, he’s skeptical of any movie I pick!However, I had heard wonderful things about it.  When the movie was over, we were both overwhelmingly impacted as parents and spouses.  We saw, in a new light, the impact our parenting has on our children for the rest of their lives.  We were laughing, and crying (well me, not so much him).  We were able to chat about things we can do differently, do better, to give our kids a strong foundation in faith.

I HIGHLY recommend this movie to any parent.  Two and a half hours well spent.

I was so impacted, in fact, that I started reading The Resolution for Women, an accompanying book, on Monday.  I  already love it!  I love any book that gives me encouragment as a mother and wife.  I ordered the men’s version for my husbands upcoming birthday.

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  1. (Michelle’s Dad)
    We just moved to Oklahoma last Halloween, trying to find ways to “settle in”. Found a group of men at our church who are going thru a 26-week series called “That Man Is You”; dedicated to the idea of authentic MALE Christian Leadership. At our last meeting, a member talked about this movie, where it had been shown at another church to a few hundred men. He’s thinking our group ought to see it. As new Chief of Police in a town of 25,000, his perspective is worth something, since he’s married, still has some kids in school… great gent.
    So we will have our normal meeting at 6:00AM Friday, and then at 6:00PM we’ll come back with spouses/families for potluck and a viewing of “COURAGEOUS”.

    We’ll let you know how it went.

  2. Loved the movie so much we bought it! We would like to share it with others and re-watch for encouragement! You will be glad you bought the book for men!

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