Why Homeschooling Works for Us-Part 1

Why Homeschooling Works for Us-Part 1

People often ask me why we home school.  I know it’s not for everyone, but here’s what we love about homeschooling:

1.   It’s personal and individualized education.  I am so grateful for the option of homeschooling where I can tailor lessons and schedules to work best for each child individually and our family collectively.  I have one son who had a lot of difficulty learning in the traditional classroom setting.  At home we can build on his strengths and work on his weak areas very specifically.  If he’s not so interested in learning addition in his workbook, we can switch to a hands-on activity using animals (which he’s REALLY into right now).  He’s advanced in reading so I can challenge him in this area where he’s a couple grade-levels ahead by choosing an appropriate curriculum that reaches him where he’s at .  He’s very active and creative and I can give him a lot more time to use those gifts.  I know my children better than anyone; I know what will motivate them and can use that to our advantage as we choose what and how we learn.

2.  It’s flexible.  I love that we have flexibility in our schedule.  We can still do school even if we’re snowed in.  We can do all our lessons in three days and give ourselves two fun days if we want.  In those busy mornings where we don’t get as much done, we can finish in the evening.  If my daughter needs more time to work on her handwriting, I can wait until the two little ones are napping and work with her one-on-one.   We can do school in our pajamas if it’s one of those  days.  I don’t like the morning rush of getting everyone ready and out the door.   Homeschooling for us means calmer and more relaxed time together.

3.  It’s hands-on and true-to-life learning.  In home school we get our hands dirty.  If we’re learning about plants, we go outside and study plants.  If we’re learning fractions, we use our lunch as math manipulatives!  And even though it’s a first-grade science lesson where we build our own volcano, my younger children learn too.  One common concern many have with homeschooling is an apparent lack of social interaction.  I would like to point out that there’s plenty of opportunities to interact with people in real-life situations both in and out of the home.  We have four children and myself doing school which means at home we have to learn how to interact with people of multiple ages.  We also have more time to be involved with others.  We meet with other home schoolers.  We have church activities we’re involved in.  We do music lessons and gymnastics class.  There are many different settings to learn social skills, not just a traditional classroom.  And when in life beyond school years are you in one room with 20+ other people the exact same age needing to learn/do the exact same thing anyway?

These are just a few reasons, so stay tuned for Part 2!

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  1. I give you a lot of credit for homeschooling. I don’t feel like I could do it. Nor do I have the desire. But if I, like you, had a child who needed it rather than traditional school, I would certainly give it a try. :) good job, mama!

  2. Thanks, Jeannine. I know homeschooling is not for all and I think you are doing an awesome job yourself as a mom! I’m just glad there’s options out there to fit each unique family! (And YOU have a beautiful family!)

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  4. I couldn’t agree more with all of the reasons you provided. I can’t imagine my boy going back to public school-and he is quite content with knowing that he doesn’t have to! Continued blessings…

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