Valentines Day Wreath

Valentines Day Wreath

I love {love} finding things that are already in my home and re-purposing them into something new!  Since Valentines Day is approaching, I thought I would work on a little something for my front door!

I had the picture frame, burlap * I {heart} burlap *, some “whitish” paint from other projects, and a few pieces of ribbon and flowers.  If you need to get these items, it can still be very cheap.  Picture frames are a dollar or two at thrift stores and burlap is $3 for a large spool at most craft stores.


I painted the frame white…I love the old, imperfect look, so I just throw a quick coat on and call it good!

Next, I took the lid of an old pizza box and cut out a heart shape…again, not perfect, but I am going to cover it anyhow:-)  I wrapped the heart in burlap and secured it with some glue in the back.

Now, the hard part for my impaitent self…waiting for the paint to dry.

When it {finally} dried I used a ribbon to tie the heart to the top of the frame…voilla!  I didn’t use any pink or red, because my front door is red…but, this would look {so} cute if you painted the frame red or pink!

The while is showing through because of my flash...but you can't see it when you are just looking.


30 minutes, zero dollars!

Happy Valentines Day!

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