Why did I choose to homeschool?  Because public school won’t give my children a fantastic education?  No.  I don’t doubt that public schools could educate my children.  I went to public school.   Honestly, my reasoning is simple.  I didn’t want to “give” my little (big) boy away for eight hours a day.  I wanted to be the teacher.  I wanted to teach him to count, to read, to write.  I escpecially wanted to teach him to have good character and to grow in God.  So…when Kindergarten registration started in our neighborhood last spring, I ignored it!

I know some people, lots of people, think I am wrong.  Crazy even.  That’s okay.   The only people I really have to answer to are my children, my husband and my God.  So when I tell people, and people give me that “are you stupid” look, followed by their opinion, I just smile and tell them that we love it!  They tell me my kid probably won’t be “normal.”  I reply that I am okay with that, I am not a big fan of “normal” anyhow.  They say my kid won’t be “socialized.”  I assure them he has plenty of interaction at home and elsewhere.  I know homeschooling isn’t for everyone, and I agree.  But it is for me.

We are halfway through our Kindergarten year and we LOVE it.  I love seeing the joy of learning on their faces and in their hearts.

See…happy, functioning, engaged, “normal” little boys!

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  1. In my opinion, there is no “normal”! God made us each distinctively us, and the challenge is for us to accept each other just the way we are.
    Erma Bombeck put it best when she said,
    “Normal is just a setting on the dryer.”

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